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HAMPTON ROADS, VA. — Director, Producer, and Screenwriter Jasmine Deanne Andrews joins Coast Live with actress ArLynn Parker to discuss their upcoming film "Then Sings My Soul," a personal story about women who seek justice in the face of abuse.

"Then Sings My Soul" premieres Sunday, May 21 at 2 p.m. at the Fort Monroe Theater in Hampton. For tickets and more information, visit the Eventbrite page for the premiere. Learn more about Jasmine Deanne Andrews' work at

Round Robin Show Channel 47

ArLynn Parker, actress, and Jasmine Deanne Andrews, director, sit down for an interview with Robin McCormick on the Round Robin Show, to discuss the upcoming premiere of their film, Then Sings My Soul.  In the movie, ArLynn plays the part of Tanya, an eighteen-year-old girl who ends up killing her stepfather in self-defense.  ArLynn revealed how she prepared for the role and what she learned about the legal aspect of defending sexual assault cases during filming.  The theme of the film, Justice is a Ministry, ties in with a message of hope and faith as each character receives deliverance in Yeshua (Jesus).  

Chief "Red Hawk" Brown and Actress Megan Rene

Behind the scenes photo from the film The Curse of EVE

Award for Best Director World Music and Independent Film Festival 2020

Jasmine Deanne Andrews

Acceptance Speech for Best Director

"Thankful to God and my mother..."

Jasmine Deanne Andrews

Mother and Daughter Combination 

Producer and Director for the film The Curse of EVE

Jeanette Dey Andrews 

& Jasmine Deanne Andrews

Aaron R Sampson winner Best Cinematography WMIFF 2020 for The Curse of EVE

Megan Rene winner Best Actress WMIFF 2020 for The Curse of EVE

Natalie's Abortion 

Award Winning Screenplay for Natalie's Abortion 

Jasmine Deanne Andrews writer/director won 2nd Place in the Hampton Roads Virginia Production Alliance Screenwriting Competition for her Screenplay, Natalie's Abortion.  

World Music and Independent Film Festival 2021

Producer Jeanette Dey Andrews (far left), Aaron R. Sampson, David Freer, Jasmine Deanne Andrews, and Arlyne Spalla (far right) gather for a group photo at the WMIFF celebrating all the hard work they put into the making of the film, Natalie's Abortion.  

Big Wins at the WMIFF for the Second year in a Row

Arlyne Spalla winner Best Actress 

David Freer winner Best Actor 

Aaron R. Sampson & Jasmine Deanne Andrews winner Best Cinematography 

Support for Survivors

Natalie’s Abortion, tells the unshared story of a woman who has to deal with a rape related pregnancy, abortion, and the constant bombardment of society’s unsolicited opinion about her decision.  The story shows the ultimate triumph of a rape survivor as she finds her own voice and takes the power back in her life. I would love to have you view my film, Natalie’s Abortion, on Vimeo and leave a review to share this important message to help empower other rape survivors.  Your support will not only help my film reach those who need to see it most, it is also a call to action for all of us to speak out against violence and better honor survivors of trauma.