Then Sings My Soul

Then Sings My Soul (part 1)

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Trailer Then Sings My Soul 

Then Sings My Soul May Premiere 

Shanae Davis(right) & Jasmine Deanne Andrews (left)

Michael Embry(left) and Dechanta Wooten (right)

David Freer (left) and Arlyne Spalla (Right)

Shanae Davis (left), Dechanta Wooten (middle), and Jasmine Tiarra (right)

Question and Answer

Allison Joyce (right) and Jasmine Deanne Andrews (left)

Sharon Toliver (left), Jasmine Deanne Andrews, Arlyne Spalla (middle), Dechanta Wooten, Michael Embry (right)

Exiting the Stage

Award-Winning Film

Then Sings My Soul is an award-winning independent film receiving accolades for Best Cinematography - Greg Valcour and Best First Time Actress - ArLynn Parker, from the World Music and Independent Film Festival (WMIFF).  

Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival (GCUFF)