Award Winning Actress Megan Rene waiting at the dinner table for her Boo

Ambulance Scene

Mel Thomas (Far left), Megan Rene (middle), and Arlyne Spalla (far right)

Good-old-boy cops in the country

Megan Rene and David Noffsinger behind the scenes filming The Curse of EVE

Bride & Groom

Future Doom

Beautiful Wedding Cake

Everything was perfect except the Groom


Self-Reflective Moment before the Wedding

The Curse of EVE wins at the World Music and Independent Film Festival

Best Actress - Megan Rene

Best Director - Jasmine Deanne Andrews

Best Cinematography - Aaron R. Sampson

Megan Rene

Megan Rene discusses all the hard work that went into her award winning portrayal of Christie in The Curse of EVE

Aaron R. Sampson

Aaron R. Sampson talks about his work as a cinematographer and his upcoming film projects

World Music and Independent Film Festival Interviews

Mel Thomas (far left), Megan Rene, Jasmine Deanne Andrews, David Patrick Wittle (far right)

Megan Rene (far left), Joel "El Nino" Roman, Mel Thomas (far right)

Movie Bride and groom to be at Table Read/Dress Fitting for The Curse of EVE

First Table Read and Cast Meeting for The Curse of EVE

Premiere for The Curse of EVE

Audience at The Curse of EVE premiere

As the theater fills up the audience eagerly awards the first screening for the film, The Curse of EVE