Then Sings My Soul (part 1)

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A married woman Natalie, becomes pregnant after she is violently raped by a masked man.  Uncertain of the paternity, Natalie's husband, Pat, urges her to have an abortion.  Afterwards the couple is left to deal with the emotional aftermath as they try to rebuild their lives.  

The Curse of EVE

When a job opportunity opens up for newlywed Grant Himmel, he moves with his wife Christie out to the countryside in Courtland, Virginia. However, Christie finds life in her new house to be unsettling. The area has a history of violence and it is where the exile of the Cheroenhaka Native Americans took place; no one in the area talks about the exile however. After several strange encounters, Christie believes that the house she is living in is haunted; but nobody believes her. Then, when she discovers the truth behind what is really going on, she finds that she is already trapped in her house... 



The inside look into the methods of a psychopathic killer. Crumble Part I tells the story of Robert Caldwell whose mission is to "fix" people.

Crumble Part I serves as the first part of the three part trilogy that will give the insight of three killers and the law enforcement agents that must stop them. 


Everyone cherishes their mother, but it’s painful to cherish a mother who is only a memory; especially if that mother was taken away by a great evil in society 


Anytime a guy is trying to be romantic and it is not received it quickly crosses the line to creepy.  Hitting on a woman while she is at work, when she is in a position where she has to be nice or risk getting fired is the exact wrong way to approach a woman, and is a power play on the part of the man.

Is Purple Rain about Domestic Violence?

Oprah is Jezebel