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Support for Survivors 

Natalie’s Abortion, tells the unshared story of a woman who has to deal with a rape related pregnancy, abortion, and the constant bombardment of society’s unsolicited opinion about her decision.  The story shows the ultimate triumph of a rape survivor as she finds her own voice and takes the power back in her life. I would love to have you view my film, Natalie’s Abortion, on Vimeo and leave a review to share this important message to help empower other rape survivors.  Your support will not only help my film reach those who need to see it most, it is also a call to action for all of us to speak out against violence and better honor survivors of trauma.

Natalie’s Abortion was censored on Amazon, but it is now available on Vimeo.  Thank you for taking the time to watch the movie Natalie’s Abortion. Will you leave a review?

Bombarded by Society's Opinions,

But Society remains Silent when it Really Counts

People are typically silent when it comes to the 1 in 4 women who have been sexually assaulted. We see a society that does not address the frequency in which women are harassed, or how often women have to go out of their way in attempts to avoid sexually aggressive behavior. Sharing our support for survivors—no matter what our political belief or religious background—can make or break a community’s ability to better process opinions on abortion, and address what they perceive as right or wrong behavior instead of forcing moral opinions that can trigger trauma for someone who has experienced sexual assault or a rape related pregnancy. These are tough subjects, but my intention is to share a story of survival that can uplift everyone and shift the conversation towards justice for all women. 

A married woman, Natalie, becomes pregnant after she is violently raped by a masked man.  Uncertain of the paternity, Natalie's husband, Pat, urges her to have an abortion.  Afterwards the couple is left to deal with the emotional aftermath as they try to rebuild their lives. 

Answering tough questions during WMIFF Interview 

Award Winning Director

Jasmine Deanne Andrews 

Award Winning Actor David Scott Freer

David Freer (left) won Best Actor in the film, Natalie's Abortion for his portrayal of Patrick Davis, husband of a rape survivor 

Celebratory Moment 

After winning the award for Best Actress, Arlyne Spalla has a celebratory moment on stage 

Best Cinematography

Sweeping the award ceremony at the 2021 World Music and Independent Film Festival, Aaron R. Sampson, and Director Jasmine Deanne Andrews share the award for Best Cinematography for the film, Natalie's Abortion

Natalie's Abortion wins at WMIFF

Best Actress - Arlyne Spalla

Best Actor - David Scott Freer

Best Cinematography - Aaron R. Sampson & Jasmine Deanne Andrews

Joel "El Nino" Roman

as The Masked Man

Natalie's Abortion Soundtrack 

The Soundtrack to Natalie's Abortion is available on Spotify, Amazon Music, & More!!!

Like the water of the womb, sometimes an unwanted seed is washed ashore.  

First Day of Filming at the Beach 

Victoria Anderson (far left), Alvin Saunders, David Scott Freer, Brayden Livengood (middle), Arlyne Spalla, Jasmine Deanne Andrews (far right)

Mel Thomas and Arlyne Spalla

Will Mel ever play a role where he doesn't get beat up by Arlyne?

Natalie Buying a Gun

They suggested she get counseling after the trauma, she decided to get protection instead!

2nd Amendment Rights for Survivors 

With the current political climate of extreme polarization women are often pushed to choose between sovereignty over their own bodies or the right to protect themselves.  The left pushes for gun control, while the right seeks to restrict the reproductive choices of women, even in cases of rape and incest.  Neither group seems to have any concern for the women who are stuck in the middle of their battle.  Rather than allow two extremist groups to force women to choose between one or the other, women can utilize their 2nd Amendment Rights and maintain sovereignty over their own bodies.  

Natalie's Abortion Premiere 

Cast & Crew Interviews

David Patrick Wittle (far left), Arlyne Spalla, David Freer, Michael Embry, Jasmine Deanne Andrews, and Mel Thomas (far right) discuss the impact of the story of Natalie's Abortion in their lives.  

Arlyne Spalla, David Freer, David Patrick Wittle, and Mel Thomas sit in the audience before the first screening of Natalie's Abortion.  

Women maintaining Sovereignty over their Own Bodies 

Sovereignty - supreme power or authority 

Proverbs 4:27 Do not turn to the right or the left; keep your foot from evil (NIV)

Right Wing Republicans want to take away the sovereignty of a woman over her body, while Left Wing Liberals want to remove every godly authority from the nation.  When a woman does not have sovereignty over her body it means that any man can force her to bare his seed whenever he wants to.  Adolf Hitler built his SS army with the unwanted children from prostitutes.  Many Right Wing Policies that restrict the reproductive rights of women are in place to facilitate a generation of unwanted children who will be raised by the State.  Then, Left Wing Policies that remove the godly authority of mothers will indoctrinate these State reared children to carry out the will of the elites who run the State. 

Both Right Wing and Left Wing agendas are working for Satan.  To stay on the Straight and Narrow Path to Life, neither straying to the Left nor the Right, women must maintain sovereignty over their bodies.  When a woman has sovereignty over her own body she has dedicated herself to God and will only bring forth a Seed from God.  As sovereign she will maintain her borders and halt any unauthorized entry from a wicked seed

Psalms 37: 28 For the LORD loveth judgment, and forsaketh not his saints, they are preserved forever: but the seed of the wicked shall be cut off.  (KJV)

Politicians, Pastors, Campaigners, and a Woman.  Only one of these people  has sovereignty over the woman's body.