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Part 1

The inside look into the methods of a psychopathic killer. Crumble Part I tells the story of Robert Caldwell whose mission is to "fix" people.

Crumble Part I serves as the first part a series that will give the insight of three killers and the law enforcement agents that must stop them. 

Congratulations to our Nominees at the WMIFF 

Leah Thompson - Best Actress in a DMW short film

Terrell Hill - Best Actor in a DMV short film 

Collin Lutz - Best Supporting Actor in a DMV short film 

Bill Douglas - Best Screenplay in a DMV short film 

Jasmine Deanne Andrews - Best Director in a DMV short film 

Music Score for Crumble

Behind the Scenes

Terrell Hill (left) Leah Thompson (middle) and James Harris III prepare for the next scene

Colin Lutz studying his role as Robert Cadwell 

Cinematographer James Harris III & Director Jasmine Deanne Andrews set up the first shots of the film

Theophilus Knight (left) and Bill Douglas discuss the script

Melissa (left) Marcus "Jai" Evans (middle) and Bill Douglas take a short break during a long day of filming

Terrell Hill practices before his death scene

Leah Thompson in bruise makeup

Theophilus Knight and Jasmine Deanne Andrews share a playful moment during the break

Sound check with Angel before starting the scene

The most uncomfortable and hilarious scene for the shoot

Leah performing as "the body"

Crumble Part 2 


Crumble Part 2

The pressure builds for two FBI agents desperate to track down a vicious killer. Meanwhile new challenges grow, internal and external, pressures as a second killer emerges.

WINNER World Music and Independent Film Festival 2023

Theophilius Knight Best Supporting Actor for Crumble Part II

Behind the Scenes Filming Crumble Part 2

Director Jasmine Deanne Andrews reviews the scene with actor Marcus "Jai" Evans

Theophilus Knight (left), Bill Douglas, Marcus "Jai" Evans, and Colin Lutz

Actor Colin Lutz ready for the interrogation scene with Theophilus Knight

Filming in a creepy dark hallway

Director Jasmine Deanne Andrews walking with actress Jasmine Tiarra 

Preparing for the Breakroom Fight Scene

Everyone cracks jokes before getting into the scene

Cinematographer James Harris III (right) and Sound Operator Terrell Hill

Jasmine Tiarra getting into character as Trinity O'Shea for the Trinity O'Shea Show

Aaron R. Sampson (left) Terrell Hill, Jasmine Deanne Andrews, and Mel Thomas (right)

Adjusting the lighting

Running Lines for the Break Room Fight Scene

Jasmine Tiarra & Marcus "Jai" Evans

Going over the Script

Before "The Creepy Call"

Delivering The News

Getting the High Angle

Theophilus Knight as Agent Kevin Luke

So cold filming, but fun warms up the set

Last Scene in the cold

Working the angles

Filming on what happened to be the coldest day of the year in the middle of a Virginia Wummer

Tyson Sherman and Brittany McCarty slumped over in the vehicle for their death scene

Terrell Hil diligently helping with sound.  His character in the Crumble universe may have kicked the bucket, but Terrell is still working in the production